Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Marc Olmsteads work

When I first met Marc Olmstead, he was walking around on a mountain in a long coat, and black boots that cut through the mud better than anybody's. The boots were dirt cheep he said, couldn't live without them. His long hair and beard gave him that rogue look. Gotten to know him a bit over the years. Can't tell you where he lives. But I have seen the core of his heart, up on a mountain, far from anyplace. You can find some of his work here. You gotta read more than just this poem I have listed here. His poetry comes from life, no glossing over.

Teacher Sky

leaves of maple
...tree, courtyard
noon light -
...a breeze
pushing waves
...of branch,
doing prostrations,
...rippling now
.across the ivy concrete
.ring beyond the
.black lacquered
metal picnic tables
- thinking of lama
..- vast sky of

By Marc Olmstead


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