Sunday, November 09, 2003

A Bodhisattva Stranger

A first encounter, she gives me a yellow flowered plant that blooms and blooms before my altar. A bright gift of kindness.

I hear she has cancer... How does this happen? Soon, this week an operation.

We all meet on the night of the eclipse-the earth's shadow moves slowly over the bright moon as we pray for her. The healing hands of others move slowly to give solace and comfort.
The words pour forth,
"Purifying rays of light pour down from the Guru Medicine Buddha's heart and holy body, eliminating your sickness and afflictions due to spirit and their causes, all your negative karma and mental obscurations.
Your body is completely filled with light and becomes clean-clear like crystal. Then the rays radiate out in all directions, purifying the sicknesses and afflictions of all mother sentient beings."
"Om Namo Bhagawate Bekhanze ........[speaking softly and on ].......Sumungate Soha."

Suddenly a Bodhisattva cat comes and nestles on her, giving warmth and comfort. We're told this one never comes close. So this chance moment presents another remedy? We continue until all is different.

The mirror lake takes the moonlight and swallows it all, as Tonglen swallows the sickness in breath.
She is the strong, the best of us.


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