Sunday, November 09, 2003

Crazed Fall

Been a crazed fall weekend. Lisa is away with friends, leaving me and the kids. It's an old routine. We've been doing it for many years now. We both need our breaks to be who we are and grow. One of the neat things about us. Everytime one of returns we meet again. Remembering a new person. The suns been shining the whole time she's been gone. Cold as can be without snow. Autumn leaves down mostly and bright morning squirrel alarming sun. There's one up in the neighbors gutter. Two of the kids have had sleep over last night. Two teenage girls and two adolescent boys. It's all family now. The eldest boy is still upstairs sleeping. More independent. Driving now. I feel like a reincarnation of my dad. It's like drops falling off an icecicle in the sun, my grandfather, my father, myself, my son...


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