Sunday, November 09, 2003

Activism (n.)

to be pessimistic about the problem...but optimistic about the solution.

People say to me all the time, "What does it matter what I think/say/do? It won't make a difference."
Then they go on and on about democracy.

So, to all of you who feel that cool is THIS???
"After the vote on the $87 billion was delayed -- itself a sign of the stronger-than-expected opposition -- Win Without War partners pulled together citizen visits to all 100 Senate offices in under a week. Over 2,000 people participated in the visits -- some driving for hours to deliver a clear message to their Senator."
"Members of True Majority, Working Assets, and MoveOn sent a whopping 326,671 messages to Congress in the last 48 hours before the vote. MoveOn members alone made over 64,092 phone calls to Congress between Wednesday and Friday -- over 100 per member of Congress. The volume was so heavy that we got calls from Congressional offices asking us to "turn it off." This was in addition to over 28,000 calls MoveOn members had already made on the issue. "
(from an email from Move On-one of the many list servers to which I subscribe. Also check out True Majority (started by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame-as if inventing Chubby Hubby wasn't enough of a contribution to the world!!))
Yeah, the $87 billion got approved. But does that mean we shouldn't speak our minds and hearts? On the contrary, I think it means we need to speak them more, and louder.
Because if we don't...someone may have to spend a lot of money to come HERE and force democracy ( a sort of oxymoron to begin with) on US.
From that beat zenchick

My comment: Not only did it get passed, but it passed in the senate with a secret ballot to give the might scum a way to hide who voted yes and who voted no. Y'all know it was to give the DEMS cover. The REPS are already well known for what they are. The DEMS are still pretenting.
But now all of them are the worst kind. Secret ballot was never intended for the senate. It lets them get away with anything without transparancy !


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