Saturday, November 15, 2003

A Little Afghanistan

....before bed last nigt, I caught a little bbc news and nightline. Nightline talked about current Afghanistan. What it's like now. We have forgotten them it seems. Moved on. Nothing left to bomb so whats a poor boy to do. Meanwhile, the taliban creep back. Lights off, now for the scurry. The women afraid again or still.... education, hardly any women can read. There, girls schools keep getting burnt down by taliban. One girl tells the reporter that she wants to read so she can be a minister in the government or a policewoman. When is the last time you heard an american chald say that they want to learn to read so that they can serve. That before they had school life was so boring......

.....pan back against the broken village, the mountains, the vast wind swept dirt ...women in their birkas girl, her green birka and pink garments..... one face and piercing eyes............


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