Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Sacred And Profane

"Sacred and profane are two modes of being in the world, two existential situations assumed by man in the course of his history."

From The Sacred and Profane: The Nature of Religion,
Mircea Eliade

Is this the truth! Encounters seem both. Tonight, I can attest to the stupidity of man/woman [this woman] and the compassion that cements the bones back together again.
Two encounters...the Lama who sees and doesn't judge...who cares and counsels...who listens and listens....
The very dear warm blooded friend who calls from a long distance...who assures that I can be alive and happy...

While all this profanity on my part seeps out, so much pain and hurt surrounds those on the small blue globe. Restrain yourself child, look outside, shake away the smallness. Recognize mind wherever you are. Be still...

So a firm mind that works for others turns
The poison of sense-objects into nectar.



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