Saturday, November 08, 2003

Lapis for Iowa

Blue buddha
lapis heart of great emptiness
radiant emanation of great perfection
how could one not say Thadyathe om bekanze bekanze maha bekanze bekanze
radya samungate soha ?

if blue radiance pours forth
streamingly interconnecting our (hearts)
our (blue horizons, and oceans)
how could I not sit within your lapis (being within lapis)
how could I not benefit all beings (radiate peace to she who carries green apples of pain)
how could I not find even the lonely (one so isolated she might be named Iowa)
ever wishing for medicine peace

(ever wishing) I radiate peace
from the medicine herb in my bowl
I radiate blue peace medicine
Buddha mind bodhi bodhi bodhi
streaming out in all pervasive
searching (for Iowa)
or Cleveland


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