Friday, November 07, 2003

white envelopes

A year ago I attended a weekend of teachings on Medicine Buddha in Ithaca given by the Abbot from Namgyal Monastery in Dharamsala. It was explained we would dream that night. I didn't believe that [ it happens rarely, foe me,I think] but it happened, just as the Abbot said it would. During my dream that night, I thought I sat up and looked out at a white light [ Where? I later disovered there was none].....and did I really sit up at all.... but, it was clear, I did see ten white envelopes. Whatever did they mean?
Today, I think I opened the first white envelope. In my sorrow asking for a healing of hearts...this must be the meaning I wondered about all this opening of some sort.

Open the feelings.
He brings understanding to the sufferers.
Seal the moment with the hidden mantra in the envelope.
Reveal what the teacher knows.
It is the precious dream moment.


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