Thursday, August 18, 2005

Abraxas: revisited

Abraxas black mother reclined and shining in flood of color

Red-blue winged sky dancer dakini flitting across the cover

Santana Santana Santana Santana

Abraxas crystal breasted mother of 1970 ecstasy rhythm dance heat summer midnight smoke

Abraxas pot mother mary jane sister lover of sweat filled holy night

Were you really Troma whom I could not handle in my youth?

Were you really Vajrayogini dancing,

driving bliss into vibratory wisdom delight?

Om Vajra Yogini Hung

Om Vajra Yogini Hung

Om Vajra Yogini Hung

Oye Como Va!

Clouded days of quivering, seeking chemical heaven, inhaling nirvana, quick fixes Abraxas

never recognizing you, you not separate, not other, no different

from our own true nature


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