Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Channel Grounds

All terror all the time
The terror of beheading
or another sound
another bite of Bush or Kerry

Fox is just another black hole

burnt charred bone
burried brain in brine
time maybe to call out
with thigh bone trumpet
here in this channel ground A Buddhist-inspired journal A Buddhist-inspired journalThe eye of the storm
As I write — just before midnight Wednesday — the eyewall of Hurricane Ivan is about 40 miles due south of me near the mouth of Mobile Bay. We’re getting battered by hurricane force winds, but there’s still power and internet access here and there.

Ivan has been impressive. Tropical storm winds arrived at sunset. They’ve steadily escalated through the night. The eye should come ashore before dawn. The worst of the wind has yet to arrive.

Thanks for all the email and nice comments. There’s still a long night ahead, but we’re holding fast.

Rigzin's Tibet Blog

Rigzin's Tibet Blog: "As we resumed our trip we began to see the beautiful variety of landscape and architecture that characterizes the Tibetan countryside. the valleys had become wider now and the road almost always followed a river. The mountains, worn with age, were rounded and covered in an emerald green velvet carpet. Summer wildflowers of yellow, red, blue and white shimmered on the lush grass."

Traffic Bliss

Sitting on the sofa
late Saturday night
Stevie Winwood on PBS
then all becomes pure sound
moment then flicker moment
into the stream of rainbow shimmer....

Driving up Five-Mile-Line road in the morning
of going to work in the corporate world
of designing in UML and codeing in C#
the sun shining brightly in this early autumn
I stop for the red light
the rosey white HRI
spinning in the golden vajra in my heart