Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Pure Motivation - Has Anyone Ever Heard this Enough?

No matter how many times I hear it, I need to hear it again, and again, until it someday becomes the very fibre or fabric of my existence.

Excerpt from a transcript on Pure Motivation, in his own words:

See, this is the best way, which we are doing now, try to help other beings. Better than this, nothing. This is the best way to help other beings.

We have many different kind methods, how to think and how to do. We have great knowledge. Without this great method, even you like to help someone, but you can't. If you have some condition, economic, you are giving few people who need it, then is finished, you can't reach many people. Limitless sentient beings, you can't reach. If you try to help with your hand, there, whatever they have suffering, try to rid out, still, you have not enough time.

See, this is the way: through the special primordial wisdom. Through this ways we can help other beings. When we are thinking about the positive thought, yeah, this really help for other being. See, our motivation, positive thinking, very powerful, we can reach everywhere. This makes really different. Yeah, for this purpose, first we have to do pure motivation.

Pure motivation, which I mentioned, all those sentient beings, our parents, sky is no end, like this way all those sentient beings also, no limit. All those sentient beings, our parents, they are suffering. Buddha which he mentioned, this six realms samsara place is like the suffering ocean. That is really true.

Which we can little bit something happiness, bliss, this by the illusion. Through the illusion we can feel something, but this is not reality, happiness, and not real bliss. Reality bliss, happiness, when we are recognized one's buddha nature, clearly, and then we practice on this, work on this. That time real bliss, happiness, that moment we can feel very clear. That bliss, happiness, always increase, as much you do practice, never change, never decrease, always it will be increase. Yeah, this is the only real happiness, bliss.

Yeah, other things Buddha which he mentioned, even tip of the needle, even that much, in this six realms samsara place, real happiness they don't have, even that much, Buddha, he mentioned. Like this, see, most sentient beings they are suffering, they are our parents. Why they suffering? For us, they are suffering. For this purpose, we are automatic connection. If we will think positive thought, it will be reach there. We can reach for them. This helpful for them.

Yeah for this purpose, whatever we do positive deed, we have to think, all those sentient beings, my parents they are suffering. When you think they are suffering, this makes in your mind compassion. If you don't think they are suffering, compassion not easily come up. For this purpose in Buddha's teaching, very detailed different six realms place, those different beings, how they suffering. For the compassion increase, for this purpose Buddha he give all this, all those sentient beings suffering. And then, we are thinking about those sentient beings suffering and then, automatic, in your mind, coming compassion strongly.

And just compassion is not enough, we have to do something. What we do? For this purpose, I will take this teaching. After I receive this teaching, I will do perfect practice on this. Through this practice, I will lead all those sentient beings, lead to the enlightenment state. For this purpose I have to take, now, teaching. Yeah, we have to think like this. This is the pure motivation. Why we have to do pure motivation with all the sentient beings I already talked in detail.

Yeah, everybody do pure motivation, this moment, most important, pure motivation. Without pure motivation, even you did virtuous deed, positive deed many kalpas, still, almost no meaning. Those virtues can be destroyed by the negative thought, very easy. With the pure motivation, whatever we did positive deed, that virtues always increase, stable, never decrease. Even you did positive deed small thing, but your motivation is perfect pure, that small, your good deed, it will be increase, great merit. Large virtues coming like this. For this purpose, motivation is most important.

Okay, this much is enough. Now everyone do good pure motivation, this the most important.

Cho Je Ayang Rinpoche, 1996, Rochester, NY


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