Sunday, October 19, 2003

from Dzogchen Interferon: By Peter Marti

Weeping Over “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

While convalescing
6 month course Chemotherapy for Hepatitis C
I’ve watched nearly all episodes of this fin de siècle
update of Stoker’s Victorian morality tale
first viewed as kicky film with poet buddha buddy
Marc Olmsted after his 3 year retreat.
I resisted the TV series for years—no cable
in Mountain Dharma Center isolation—
but now have Satellite Dish with Hi-tech Computer
recording episodes while I sleep
So, when lethargy and migraines
send me prone,
it is Buffy’s heroic Dakini ascent
her battles with demons
compassion for all beings and fierce loyalty
—like Yeshe Tsogyal
Tibet’s female wisdom embodiment and possessor of highest Tantric Buddhist teachings—
which comforts like fireside fables.

But Heroes are always lonely
isolate in journeys and redemptive search
the first to embrace dark longings
to love their vampire shadow—even bed the Demon
to teach it Love—
willing to die in battle during kali yuga dark age
to return from Death with all the news
like a Tibetan delog
reborn through our beseeching prayers
to lead us again to our Hearts…

Buffy arrives late for her high school Prom.
She has vanquished the slathering Hell Hounds
who clawed at the door while everyone danced.
Given unexpected special “class protector” award
—auspicious golden parasol for saving the World—

she beams from the stage as everyone applauds.
Her dark Angel, his own hungry ghost realm calling, arrives in tux
& dances her to momentary Bliss.

Tomorrow they’ll join again to vanquish Demons
and there will be suffering
but tonight
everything in samsara shines.


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