Thursday, May 06, 2004

Nomad Mind

Been reading Deleuze and Massumi and De Landa. Rhizome. Nomad Mind.
Seems to be akin to observations during meditation
how the roots of thought sprout and spread
how all *things* are the forces that lead to them or lead them
away from us and our thoughts

the brake lights last night of the car before me
forces of electricity and foot and previous cars and feet in a line a stop light triggered by patterns of traffic, and timing signals set by those who study patterns of traffic and triggered also by pressure of the weight of a car and the bodies within, on a plate embedded in the road by burly guys who drink beer the night before and place the plate a little deep and the wives and kids and the cost of beer because of the price of oil at the time of the construction of the road set by hostage crises in Iran because of the Shah and previous USA administrations and the way the brits carved up the middle east and spread to AMerica driving down the native populations......


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