Friday, January 09, 2004


To be free of attachment
No wants or desires
No drive
To no longer be trying to build this or that
To not be a stakeholder

To be hopeless
To drift in space
Stripped naked
Foam on the surface of the sea
Under the sky

To be on the brink
To question
Frightened to release
Tempted to step back

If not all those things
That motivated in the past,
Then why do anything?
What would then become?
To deconstruct or dissolve?
Mere cessation?
A shrug? A sigh?

In this splintered openess,
the boundless vacuum,
a gossamer thought
a subtle coalescence of light.


Not the idea
Or because it has been taught
But because
That only
Seems to remain
Where before
It had always been
crowded out..


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