Thursday, October 09, 2003

Recognition of multiple manifistations

As practitioners we are called to pure vision. Seeing the purity in each being, how could they not be the Buddha? Being the Buddha, how could their intentions not be pure? There intentions being pure, how could their actions not be benificial? Seeing the purity of each being then is the key. If one Buddha is drawn to create pure art and another to write pure software and another to manage a pure hostpital, are they on different paths? Can not the pure software make the pure hospital run smoothly? Can not the pure art hanging in the pure hospital benifit the Buddha-patients? Should the Manager tell the artist how to paint? Should the programmer tell the manager how to run the hospital? Should artist tell the programmer about Java and XML? Even three Buddhas who never met, doing unrelated activity, never comming in contact with anyone, are truely benificial. Even pissing, all three benifit of all beings.


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